Our Program

Comprehensive, Compassionate, Customized Care
at New Spirit Recovery

At New Spirit Recovery, we provide a diverse range of activities, services, and therapies that not only address the challenges of addiction, but also support whole-person health and wellness.

Our highly experienced, licensed healthcare professionals are available round the clock, offering services like psycho-educational process groups, individual therapy sessions, and psychiatric evaluations. We take pride in our motto, “Individualized treatment starts with listening,” underlining our commitment to tailoring your recovery path to your unique needs.


We offer diverse programming that includes over six hours of psycho educational process groups daily, (1-3) one-on-one therapy sessions per week, art therapy, and more. These provide invaluable outlets for expression and processing, nurturing your recovery journey.


In addition to traditional therapy and psychiatric services, we offer regular medical evaluations and health maintenance, including dental appointments, ensuring your physical wellbeing complements your mental health progress. You can talk to loved ones on the phone from 4-6pm every day.


Nutrition is a vastly underestimated element of recovery. Here, you can enjoy professionally prepared, well-balanced meals daily, designed to meet your specific dietary needs and support overall health.


Our facility is designed to promote relaxation and renewal. Unwind in our pool or jacuzzi after detox is complete, engage in mindful exercise with our outdoor gym and yoga sessions, or enjoy personal care services including haircuts and manicures.


Once you’ve completed detox, you can partake in a variety of engaging outings. These include visits to The Getty Center Cultural Art Museum, Zuma Beach in Malibu, Griffith Park Observatory, and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. For sports enthusiasts, there are NFL games at the SOFI stadium, while those seeking quiet reflection can take daily walks in Balboa Park. Further excursions include the Santa Monica Pier, Escape Theme Rooms, and a variety of cultural events on Ventura Blvd. Our outings aim to offer cultural immersion in the diverse areas of Los Angeles County.

Continued Care:

Beyond your stay with us, our dedicated case manager will work with you to ensure your continued success by tailoring your aftercare plan, including check-ins and ongoing support.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your life and your spirit. Contact New Spirit Recovery today and let’s embark on your personalized journey towards recovery and renewal. Call us at +1 (855) 605-1069 to verify your insurance and learn more about how we can help.

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