Sober Living

What is Sober Living?
temporary living arrangement

Sober living, is a temporary living arrangement to help people transition from primary detox treatment to living autonomously. Drug and alcohol-free environment is a distinct feature of sober living. Many sober home residents enroll simultaneously for intensive outpatient programs (IOP) after residential addiction treatment. But Sober living is voluntary and not a requirement. The combination of IOP therapies and the safe-sober-living-environment provide you with a great chance for your road to long-term sobriety. Typically, a sober-living resident resides in these homes for about six months to a year until they are confident to live in sobriety independently.

Why Sober Living?
Recovery is a process

Recovery is never an over-night task, it is a long-standing process. An addict can take anywhere between few weeks to several months to get clean mentally and physically. In the early stages of recovery, your impulse control, emotional control, and decision-making skills are weaker. So, it is beneficial to live with recovering addicts who identify with your experience and also who may be in an advanced stage of recovery to guide you in healing. Sober living acts as a gradual-transitional platform from treatment into normal society. It is a much needed stop-over between your addiction-recovery and independent-rewarding living.

The Benefits of Sober Living at New Spirit Detox


Sober-home living trains you to be accountable for your actions. Other than abstaining from drugs and alcohol, you will also participate in 12-step meetings, social activities in the recovery community, work, go to school, and develop a regular communication with house managers or other residents. This form of accountability acts as learning and rehearsals for an independent living.


Early recovery can be a mentally conflicting situation between your mind, body and the world. You may feel isolated, not cared for, not understood by your  loved ones or even your assigned medical staff. Sober living helps you overcome these conflicts and loneliness by replacing it with some new bonds and fellowship. Sober-living ensures a healthy social life with some fun activities, talk therapies, and others in a group. You also participate in a lot of daily recovery activities as a group and feel the emotions of belonging and being loved. Sober living gradually prepares you for an independent living, healthy relationships and a larger accountability for your own actions.


It is a known fact that recovery from addiction is as good as starting your life afresh after achieving sobriety. When you get sober, you need to relearn socialization and communication skills. Sober living helps you relearn these basic life skills and start your life anew. At New Spirit our sober living facilities require residents to manage themselves individually and socially through participating in household chores, housekeeping, and socializing with other residents.


One of the scariest parts of leaving treatment is facing your old environment. Resisting temptations and impulses on your own and staying drug/alcohol free soon after recovery can be extremely challenging. To bridge this gap, we offer Sober living. At New Spirit our sober living facilities are totally drug and alcohol-free. We also teach you certain techniques and prepare you to face the challenge in the real world.