Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment

The inpatient medical intervention requires you to live in a staffed residential facility. Here, you sleep, eat and live on the residential campus even as you undergo counseling sessions, relapse prevention course, continued education and other such interventions. Contrarily, in IOP, patients undertake the same counseling, relapse prevention course, continued education and other such interventions as the inpatient intervention, but they can return to work or home on completion of the treatment session. Generally, for clients who cannot commit to a 24/7 medical intervention, an outpatient program would be more suitable than the inpatient program.

The Outpatient Staff

The outpatient staff at New Spirit consists of credentialed-specialists with a handsome experience in addiction recovery. At the onset of IOP, your assigned medical-specialist will assess your case history, your behavioural attributes, and type of abuse, degree of pain, your knowledge about recovery, and your expected outcome post-recovery. Next, the specialist will design individualized plans for your long-term sobriety and recovery.

What Happens at Outpatient Treatment?


One-on-one therapy sessions play a vital role in IOP. At New Spirit, skilled-medical counselors adopt the talking cure to learn more about you, your case-history, your addiction, and your expected outcome post-recovery. Among the various types of therapies, New Spirit adopts cognitive-behavioral-dialectical therapy, talk therapy, art therapy, and others to examine and treat your addictive behaviour, related-thoughts and emotions and get you away from addiction.


Group therapy is the magic wand for outpatient programs. The power of the support group can work wonders in your process towards recovery. During IOP, the counselor or medical advisor will moderate the sessions such that the group discusses their destructive thoughts, triggers, pain, stress, impulses, victory, potential issues and the like. These shared experiences of struggles and victory can further boost friendships and aid in developing emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical well-being. It also aids in developing newer outlook towards conflicting issues.


IOP acts as a stepping-stone towards recovery. But, after few weeks or months of IOP you become accountable for your actions. Your addiction crisis is also not resolved completely/instantly. If you are looking for continued care, assistance, education, and accountability on a weekly or monthly basis, our Aftercare program is here to help.

Unique Benefits of Newspirit Detox’s IOP


Enrolling oneself for a 24/7 inpatient treatment program is cumbersome for many. We at New Spirit understand your limitations associated with residential treatment. We offer Intensive outpatient program (IOP) which spans anywhere from stipulated hours in a week to about 70 hours. These programs are flexible and individualized too. To know more about our IOP programs or enroll into one call us right now and we are here to provide an IOP that suits you the best.


One of the immediate concerns in an addict is isolation and anxiety. For this, support groups can be the medicine for overcoming this issue and developing a sense of belongingness. This can be a significant step towards recovery. Unlike residential treatment, one of the advantages of IOP is the continued group support and meetings that enhances the friendships and aids in developing emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical well-being as a group. At New Spirit, we help you establish a support group and recovery network even after the end of your IOP program.


The social stigma around addiction is another concern. Even though social stigma has reduced in the recent years, addicts choose to go through the recovery journey privately. At New Spirit, we completely understand this emotion and we assure you that your IOP sessions will be conducted with utmost importance to privacy.


Unlike residential treatment which includes the cost for food and living, an IOP will be economical to many of you. It does not include housing and food expenses. You or your insurance company has to only pay for the medical treatment and recovery designs provided by the medical-staff and counselors. So, if budget is obstacle to seek recovery, call us at New Spirit, we will explain you all the possible treatment options and you may avail the best treatment to ensure recovery and long-term sobriety.

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