Among the various forms of substance-abuse alcohol-abuse tops the list. It is consumed in social gatherings without the fear of being judged. It is advertised in a surrogate way on all media forums. It is affordable and it is available more easily in the markets. It is not harmful when consumed in limited quantities and on rare occasions. But, sometimes peer- pressure or the need to belong to a social group forces you into binge-drinking and eventually this can become a habit. This behaviour can be termed as alcohol abuse.

Overcoming alcohol-abuse is proven to be more difficult than drug-abuse recovery. The withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol-abuse are more severe than drug-abuse withdrawal symptoms. The decision to detox without external help can be extremely challenging with higher chances of failure. It is advisable to undertake the alcohol detox program California under skilled medical assistance to ensure higher success rates and limit the stressors to bare minimum. At New Spirit our credentialed-specialists will design a holistic and personalized detox plan which includes vitamin and supplements intake, drug therapy, timely medical checks, relapse prevention courses. We also take utmost care to ensure the client’s well-being, safety and best interest.


Different Levels of
Alcohol Withdrawal

The process of alcohol detox drugs California can bring about varied withdrawal symptoms with varying degrees of pain. According to addiction counselors and credentialed medical specialists the withdrawal symptoms during alcohol-detox can be of three kinds: mild, moderate, and severe. The degree of pain during the process can be determined by few vital parameters such as:
1. What is the gender-height-weight-age of the individual?
2. Is there any case-history for physical/mental health?
3. What is the typical alcohol consumption level on a daily/weekly basis?
4. What is the duration of alcohol consumption in large quantities?

It is important to note that, the longer the history of alcohol-abuse, the greater will be the withdrawal symptoms and the difficulty of detox.

Hence, a person with a case history of 20 years of alcohol abuse will struggle more in comparison to an abuser with 3 years of case history. However, in either case, self-detoxification is not advisable. It is advisable to undertake the detox from alcohol in California under skilled medical assistance at a alcohol detox center to ensure higher success rates and to limit the stressors to bare minimum.

In case of alcohol-abuse, the withdrawal can begin anytime between 12-24 hours. In rare cases, it can begin in the 6th hour after the last drink. These withdrawal symptoms can prolong for 5-10 days on an average. The response varies from individual to individual depending on the vital stats, the severity and the years of abuse. Name strongly dissuades every individual attempting alcohol-detox and urges to seek assistance from detox-centers. Skilled-medical help will ensure your safety, comfort, and reduced amount of pain too. It can also avoid any kind of fatality caused in the case of seizures and the like. 


The withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol abuse are at a peak between the second and fifth day of detox. According to addiction counselors and credentialed medical specialists, the withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox can be of three kinds: mild, moderate, and severe. Each stage is determined based on the severity of pain.

Some of the varied forms of pain experienced during the early stages of alcohol detox are listed below. They are the earliest signs of withdrawal during the detox process. Please note, the symptoms are individual-specific and each individual can suffer from a combination of the above symptoms. They depend on the duration and severity of alcohol abuse. They include:

Abdominal pain, Tremors, Diarrhea, Mild sweating, Numbness and tingling in fingers and toes, Nausea, Vomiting, Hallucinations (sensory/auditory/visual), Anxiety, Paranoia

The stage three of alcohol-detox occurs few days after the stage two. On an average only 35% of total number of individuals who succumb to stage two of alcohol-detox will experience stage-three withdrawal symptoms. However, please note that, those who experience stage-three withdrawal symptoms will experience each of the symptoms mentioned in stage two. This stage is extremely difficult and can be life-threatening too because it is characterized by delirium tremens or DTs. Common symptoms of delirium tremens include:

1. Intense auditory, touch, and visual hallucinations which lead to extreme paranoia and a delirious mental state
2. Memory loss
3. Intense confusion
4. Grand-mal seizure
5. Involuntary nervous system instability

Alcohol Detox at
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