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New Spirit is labelled as one of the most preferred recovery organizations for exercising sobriety. Our multidisciplinary team assures that your choice for sobriety does not compromise your dear and significant values in life. With this vision, New Spirit revels in being one of the best detox institutions in California. Our medical expert team promises treatment and recovery to those who choose to withdraw and recover in an individualized, safe and convenient facility.




It is extremely important for us diagnose each patient holistically when designing the plan for addiction treatment.



The patient undergoes medical detox under the constant supervision of expert-addiction-doctors and counseling professionals over a three- to five-day period.



Follow-up meetings are scheduled prior to discharge and our specialized staffs are available to provide constant medical-emotional-mental support for patients.

How We Care
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We provide our clients with a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet their individual needs, preferences, and issues, may it be alcohol detox or inpatient rehab. Our substance abuse counselors regulate a healthy relationship with the patient and provide them with quality time to understand their issues and concerns. Detox is psychologically and physically challenging. So, it is very important that therapists are easily available to the clients during their stay. Our credentialed medical staff administers medications safely and cautiously in order to ensure patient’s convenience and safety during withdrawal process. Our team takes utmost care that you are comfortable when getting sober. Call New Spirit on the toll-free line and we will help you through this challenging time.
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client success story

When I sum up everything new spirit recovery was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life the staff was very supportive very loving and genuine the caseworkers and internal staff were tremendously proficient and we’re very personable if it weren’t for new spirit recovery I will most likely or certainly be dead they cared for me like they care for a family member and they made me feel like I was part of the family I personally recommend to anyone and everyone out there struggling with any type of addiction to go to new spirit recovery they are second to none and I owe them a tremendous thank you everything is done from the smallest to the biggest thing they left no stone unturned I can go on and on for that even still wouldn’t do it any justice to my experience and positivity in the love I felt there I recommend new spirit recovery without any hesitation


I arrived at New Spirit Recovery a broken man: consumed by loneliness, failure and despair. Alcohol and PTSD drove me into severe depression causing me to romance suicide often. At New Spirit Recovery, Doug, Marianne and the rest of the staff gave me the courage to vanquis those demons with psychological self-analysis and affirmative thoughts. We went on road trips to the coast to show us that getting clean and sober can be fun. In one month, I changed my perspective on life so I can return home as a survivor. So if you are struggling with addiction or the trials of life, New Spirit Recovery can get you back on track to a healthier, happy life.


It was a warm and overwhelming experience. Was able to get in touch with a lot of lost feelings, which was not easy, but they were  loving and caring.  Was able to trust myself and others and was able to open up and touch part of the iceberg. I know I have plenty more work to do, this was a good start. I wish my brother could have had this opportunity, but unfortunately he didn’t make it back this time. I feel I was very blessed to come all the way to California to a lovely place I could call home. I want to thank the staff, my colleagues all around me for helping me on the road to recovery once again. I give thanks to my higher power first, to the one who started this program and everything around it. Thank you, and god bless!


The family I was welcomed into at New Spirit set me straight when I was wrong, accepted no less than what was necessary, let me know I was never alone, showed me there was hope for me, built me up when I was down and loved me until I could love myself. These people worked with me and my family, fiercely; we are all happier healthier people today simply because of the relentless honesty, care and guidance of the counselors at New Spirit.


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