Heroin Detox


With the ever increasing demand for opiates, the need for specialized heroin-detox is also soaring. In the recent past, among the 70000 overdose deaths in United States, opiate was the cause of nearly 48,000 of these deaths. Specifically, the number of overdose cases due to heroin has been on the rise since late 2000s and in 2013 it spiraled unnaturally. In the United States, statistics support that a majority of deaths among youngsters between age group 18-35 are due to heroin-related overdoses. These deaths have alarmed the law enforcement agencies and medical specialists. Additionally, the use of powerful synthetic opioids fentanyl and carfentanil is also a growing issue. Carfentanil was originally designed as an elephant tranquilizer. A sand-sized spec of this synthetic opiate can prove fatal to a male adult. It is never too late. If you or your loved ones are struggling with recovery and detox, we are just a call away. Please call New Spirit and seek professional help.

Detoxing from Heroin
physically and mentally addictive

The physical and psychological dependence with substance abuse demands immediate intervention. Detoxification from drugs requires skilled medical assistance. Detoxing without skilled medical assistance can increase the chances of failure or relapse. When users attempt to resolve their addiction issues without expert help, they fail to tackle the withdrawal symptoms. Heroin-detox can instigate strong physical and mental withdrawal symptoms and they are the most painful stressors of all the types of drugs. So lack of skilled-medical guidance and supervision will lead to intense physical and mental anguish. The withdrawals for heroin are mild at the early stages and increase in intensity over time. It also varies individually. The impact depends on the frequency, quantity, and duration of abuse. Someone who abuses drugs for years on end will have severe withdrawal symptoms than someone who has used it on a short-term, for instance three months. So, it is highly recommended to undergo heroin detox under skilled medical assistance at the heroin detox-center.

How a Heroin Detox Can Help

Detoxification from drugs is extremely painful, physically and mentally. But not all clinics in United States administer medications for your withdrawal-related pain management. At New Spirit easing your physical pain is of utmost significance during detoxification process. Our credentialed-specialists with a rich experience in addiction recovery will prescribe and administer medications that will help reduce these symptoms. An increased comfort in tackling withdrawal symptoms indicates higher chances of success in the users’ attempt for opiate-detox. Some users attempt detoxing opiate- addiction without skilled medical assistance through use of Suboxone or subutex. However, the chances of failure or relapse are higher and it may also lead to a new form of indulgence. So New Spirit urges you to contact toll-free line today to enroll yourself or your family member or to enquire about our heroin-detox program. Our strong-medical team will be ever-ready to help you through these challenging times in the best way they can.