Our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our future. Since the foundation of New Spirit, its greatest strength has been the ability to share skills and creativity with the clients. Our workforce is exceptionally diverse. Although drawn from different backgrounds, our people share several essential qualities.

Supervisor/Lead Case Manager

Doug Ammar was born and raised in southern California and lives full-time in Los Angeles. As a member of the Recovery Community, he knows firsthand the challenges that many clients experience in recovery. He is able to empathize with their struggles. Doug realized that the best way for him to share his blessings was to return to school and earn his degree in drug and alcohol counseling. Doug has been working at various treatment facilities throughout California and is experienced in working with dual diagnosis clients and all levels of care. Doug’s education and life experience make him an ideal role model to clients from diverse backgrounds, seeking substance abuse treatment with a desire to lead a healthier balanced life. His experience on supporting clients’ individual needs within a structured program, exemplifies his personal commitment to promoting a healthy group setting. At New Spirit Recovery, Doug desires to be part of the overall healthcare delivery team of reinforcing and maintaining sobriety for a happier life.

Jamila A. Charles-Cometa
Marriage & Family Therapist

Mrs. Jamila A. Charles-Cometa is a Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Clarita, CA with special training and skill in interviewing and diagnosing clients, then counseling them and treating any mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage and family. As a Marriage & Family Therapist, Jamila A. Charles-Cometa, LMFT performs counseling and emotional support to help families navigate relationship and behavioral issues, while seeking to secure a long-term solution to mental and emotional disorders and a wide variety of relationship issues. Marriage & Family Therapy is the modification of perceptions and behavior, as well as improvement of communication among spouses and family members in crisis. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Marriage & Family Therapists include marital conflict, dysfunctional behavior, communication issues, and mental illness. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Marriage & Family Therapists include interviewing, observing, counseling, and customizing treatment plans for clients in marriages and families.

LPT Lead Detox Nurse

Marianne Everling attended Mt. San Antonio College, attaining a Psychiatric Technician Degree, and also attended CSULA for general education. She then worked for the State of California with Developmentally Disabled for 15 years, then on to working in recovery at the Betty Ford Center as a medication nurse for 11 years. She has also worked at ABC Recovery Center as Director of Nursing. Marianne is now the Lead Nurse at New Spirit Recovery. When asked why she has chosen this avenue of nursing, the answer is simple, for her, it is the most challenging and rewarding choice.

Behavioral Health Technician

Crystal Henderson, Behavioral Health Technician- Crystal was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Two years ago, she came out to Los Angeles for addiction treatment and decided to permanently relocate. Since getting clean and sober herself, she is able to have a lot of empathy and understanding for other struggling addicts. Crystal has a lot of knowledge about recovery and is very passionate about this field. She has found her purpose and that is helping others grow to their full potential. At New Spirit Recovery, Crystal hopes to have a positive impact on every person who seeks help.

Behavioral Health Technician

Hi my name is Rozie Morales. I’m a Behavioral Health Technician at New Spirit Recovery. I like to provide care to patients in a manner that promotes safety, comfort and a healthier life style in a therapeutic environment. I also enjoy giving back to the community and seeing patients leave knowing they’re going to be on a new path to success.

Behavioral Health Technician

My name is Daniel Origel, 24 years of age and i grew up in southern california. I personally experienced substance/alcohol abuse myself. It led me to losing my job, getting my son taken from me by DCFS, becoming homeless, & and pushing everyone I loved away. I was completely alone and once I was tired of being alone and miserable I decided to seek help. I stayed in detox/residential for about 2 months then went to sober living for a year and 9 months. So I have an understanding with people who were and are suffering with addiction and mental health issues which drove me to wanting to help others who are suffering with the disease of addiction. Which is why I am grateful I was given an opportunity to work as a behavioral health technician here at New Spirit Recovery.

Behavioral Health Technician

 Adam was born and raised in Louisiana and came out to California a little over a year ago. After accepting that his life was becoming unmanageable, he came out here to get clean and sober. Being successful in his recovery, Adam was able to get a job working in the field. He is very passionate about helping others by showing them the life they can live if they choose to accept the help.

Keith Martel
Behavioral Health Technician

My name is Keith Martel,33 years old and I am a behavioral health technician here at New Spirit Recovery. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. Along my years I battled substance abuse and alcoholism. I’ve relocated here in California after seeking treatment myself. I’ve chosen to work in this field of work because I know what it’s like to walk in the same shoes as the clients I see. Giving back the knowledge that I have received and being able to bring hope, strength, and courage back into the hearts and souls of fellow addicts. I love to be here being that role model to let clients know that it is possible no matter what! We do recover!

Deveone Jones
Behavioral health Technician

Hi my name is Deveone Jones, I’m 22 and I’m honored to be employed at New Spirit Recovery. The staff a New Spirit Recovery are very good to work with and we work as a team to serve the community the best way we can. The greatest reason I like working here is that my words might change someone else’s life for the better. I want to go to school for counseling so I think this is the perfect start to a promising career. This job makes me feel good on the inside because I know by helping patients in need, my life’s karma will bless me for helping others.

Peter Ludwig

Mystic Pete leads sound meditation. He takes individuals and groups on peaceful journeys with his beautiful cello and transcendent vocals. Music can be a way for those in recovery to find deep healing, and can sometimes ease distress in ways only the Arts can. Those in detox who have experienced this short musical vacation in their inner world, often filled with vivid imagery, have reported that it helped give them a fresh start.

Mystic Pete is a radio host and has taught and produced many events internationally connecting spirituality and the Arts and has a well reviewed album for yoga and meditation called, “Deep Self.” He is a humorist, cellist, vocalist, Sound Meditation leader, healer, music and video producer, and father of two.