Opiate Detox


While the opiate-abuse is soaring high, the number of fatal overdoses due to opiates from 2010-2013 has also spiraled higher. Reports prove that, since then, over 250,000 people have lost their lives due to opiate-related-overdose in the United States. Users who attempt detox at home or independently most often fail miserably due to the painful withdrawal symptoms. This does not mean lack of accountability. Rather, the addictive power of opiates can affect psychologically and physically. Opiate-withdrawals are extremely painful. But, they are not unmanageable. You have numerous opiate-detox-centers in California that will ease your struggle to overcome these symptoms safely and comfortably. New Spirit also offers medically-assisted detox from opiates by skilled-medical professionals. Medically-assisted detox addresses your chronic pain through medications and supervised drug-interventions. So New Spirit urges you to contact our toll-free line today. We are here to help.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Opiates can also be a prescription-pill advised by doctors. When consumed on a daily basis, a prescribed pill can also become abusive. Opiate-detox is highly challenging and extremely uncomfortable without skilled-medical assistance. Cold-turkey detox (without medication) is an unwise choice too due to the excruciating pain as a withdrawal symptom. Opiate-detox can be labelled as a vicious cycle of addiction because the remedy for the withdrawal symptom would be administration of more opiates. Someone who abuses drugs for years on end will have severe withdrawal symptoms than someone who has used it on a short-term, for instance three months. Withdrawal symptoms increases with the passage of time. The nascent stages of opiates-withdrawal include symptoms such as crippling anxiety, mild sweats, intense drug cravings, crawling skin, sneezing, muscle spasms, restlessness, irrational thoughts. Eventually, along with these symptoms, there can also be goosebumps and cold sweats; diarrhoea and vomiting; watering eyes and headaches; abdominal, muscle and joint pain; heightened restlessness and anxiety. In certain cases, the symptoms can prove fatal too. Hence, detoxing without skilled medical assistance can increase the chances of failure or relapse or sometimes death too.

Getting Help for Opiate Abuse

The gap between seeking help and continued drug-abuse can be marked by pride and shame related to addiction. Pride comes in the way of seeking medical-assistance for drug-detox as it implies helplessness of the abuser. Shame comes in the way of seeking help as it indicates the abusers shortcomings. But, seeking help in these cases is important for the well-being of the abuser and his/her family. Further, even if they enroll at the detox-center, the problem of absenteeism can persist. Excuses such as work commitments, family commitments, official chores, necessary errands, can pop-up. Remember, substance abuse reduces your quality of life. Live a rewarding life with a long-term sobriety. Seek help, delay no more. Detoxing is not impossible, we are here to help. Call New Spirit at our toll-free line today! Be assured that your information and identity will remain confidential!