By March 23, 2021

I was dead inside, sick, shattered and hopeless. For many years, I lived the painful life of an alcoholic. I had no concept of a resolution, because all I knew was to drink, as I thought everyone did. However, I didn’t consume substances like an average person. As my consciousness had formulated in sobriety and I could see clearly, I realized that I wasn’t practical in my daily affairs. My mind and emotions had been paralyzed by my addiction; the disease was eating me alive. I was held captive in my own will; that is until I went to New Spirit Recovery, where I was given a design for living.


“To the human species, bare into the unknown. We hesitate to take a risk for the better, and feel safer taking a fall. How far will you go, until you can accept to let it ALL go?”


If that makes no sense, then keep on reading.


Living a good, healthy and fulfilling life is possible if you take step by step in the right direction. The way to know that is simple, but not easy. New Spirit educated me about addiction, helped me process my past and taught me the course of action to maintain a sober life. I recommend this program and treatment center to anyone who suffers from addiction. Perhaps your life is unjustified, but let go and take a chance for a life beyond your imagination.

I am forever grateful for all the counselors, nurses, facilitators and support that New Spirit Recovery provided me in the most fundamental time of my life.


I arrived in California a desperate, broken, delusional forty year old toddler. From the moment that I entered New Spirit for treatment, hope was instilled in me. The staff openly and honestly shared their experience in a way that forced me to pay attention; these people had been where I was, had found a solution and a way to a better life. I wanted what they had.


The time that I spent at New Spirit not only gave me the tools I needed to live a clean and sober life; it shaped me into a productive adult, helped me regain my sense of self, restored me to sanity and challenged me to consistently evolve throughout my sobriety.


This was not my first attempt at treatment, but it was the most effective one. I fully believe that is because of the staff and the dedication that they have to each and every broken soul that comes through their doors. Although they would never take the credit, I fully believe the staff at New Spirit saved my life and helped me to create a life that I couldn’t be more content with. Their commitment to their own sobriety and to improving the lives of other addicts continues to inspire me.


The family I was welcomed into at New Spirit set me straight when I was wrong, accepted no less than what was necessary, let me know I was never alone, showed me there was hope for me, built me up when I was down and loved me until I could love myself. These people worked with me and my family, fiercely; we are all happier healthier people today simply because of the relentless honesty, care and guidance of the counselors at New Spirit.