Residential Treatment

What is
Residential Treatment?

The road to recovery and detoxing sometimes can be extremely difficult in the comfort of your homes. If you want to overcome this addiction and your home environment is not helping you, you can enroll into the residential program at New Spirit. Residential treatment is also known as the inpatient medical intervention. It requires you to live in a staffed residential facility. Here, you sleep, eat and live on the residential campus even as you undergo counseling sessions, relapse prevention course, continued education and other such interventions. Residential treatment at New Spirit is one of the most comprehensive and holistic medical interventions.



Often, recovery from drugs or alcohol in your home environment can be extremely challenging. The lone time as well as the familiar triggers can increase changes of relapse. Instead, inpatient medical intervention offers individualized day-planners wherein you undergo counseling sessions, relapse prevention course, continued education and other social activities that will keep your body and mind engaged through the day. Hence, this reduces the chances of triggers and relapse to a great extent.


The 24/7 residential treatment at New Spirit assures you that our staff is there to support you 24/7. Recovery and detox is a challenging process. The mind and the body are at loggerheads most often. No matter what you are going through, our staff is there to ease your pain, listen to you and extend the best medical support. We have a team of credentialed counselors, medical experts who are on constant stand-by and will be there to support you through your challenging times.


No matter what you do, you always strive to be the best version of you. In your strife to recovery too, we want the best for you. We understand that detoxing puts you at the end of your comfort zone and New Spirit proudly offers you the best possible treatment in the most comprehensive and individualized pattern. Your mission to recover is our mission too.



Detoxification is the first step towards recovery. It is important to flush out the drugs or alcohol from the physical body completely before moving towards counseling sessions, relapse prevention course, continued education and other social activities. It is advisable to undertake the detox under skilled-medical assistance to ensure higher success rates and greater comfort level. At New Spirit our credentialed-specialists will design a holistic and personalized detox plan which includes vitamin and supplements intake, drug therapy, and timely medical checks.


Venting out our frustrations and anxieties about any issue is the best healing medicine. For greater chances of recovery from addiction this talking cure can be of great help. New Spirit recognizes the benefits of counseling sessions and it has a strong and experienced counseling staffs that will help you transform your thoughts and develop a positive outlook. You can speak your mind and discuss our dilemmas without the fear of being judged. Our certified counselors will guide you into new techniques to tackle your dilemmas. You must know that New Spirit adopts one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy to tackle your addiction.


The end of an inpatient/outpatient treatment does not ensure long-term sobriety. The destructive thoughts, triggers, pain, stress, temptation and uncontrollable impulses can be lurking around especially when there is ample free time after the programs. This can hamper your path to recovery. New Spirit takes this up as a real challenge and walks with you in these testing times too. Our recovery program strongly endorses relapse prevention as a core mission of our aftercare program and provides a relapse prevention course.


Recovery from addiction is not an individual healing process. Your dear ones are equally invested in this healing. Thus, along with individual counseling, family counseling helps your loved ones to understand your struggles, your dilemmas, and their responsibilities too. New Spirit, with their skilled-addiction counselors, strongly campaigns for family counseling programs. These programs not only ensure group support, and greater awareness, but also mend broken relationships, strengthen the familial ties with one another. This, in turn, eases the path to recovery and increases the chances for long-term sobriety.


New Spirit envisions a wider perspective for your path to recovery from addiction. We do not stop at counseling sessions and talk therapy. Our therapies also include cognitive-behavioral-dialectical therapy, art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, meditation, mindfulness, gardening, yoga, soccer and other varied interventions.


Aftercare includes the follow-up procedures after undergoing drug/alcohol detox treatment. It typically includes meetings at regular intervals, telephone calls, and check-ins. An inpatient/outpatient treatment does not end the addiction crisis completely/instantly, hence aftercare is much needed. New Spirit highly recommends for a minimum span of six months after the inpatient/outpatient medical intervention and recovery. We offer continued care and assistance on a weekly or monthly basis and you can progress into long-term sobriety with aftercare.