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Drug and alcohol addiction can be life-threatening; recovery from that addiction can be highly challenging. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain due to drug or alcohol addiction. At New Spirit, California we address your chronic pain and treat your addiction with a wide range of personalized treatments offered by credentialed-specialists. Let’s take a quick look into the recovery and treatment procedures offered at New Spirit. The road to any drug and alcohol detox begins with medical detoxification to ensure that all the dangerous substances are carefully flushed from your system. At New Spirit our credentialed-specialists will design a holistic and personalised detox plan which includes vitamin and supplements intake, drug therapy, and timely medical checks. When the body is cleansed of all the substances, the journey to mental-recovery in addiction rehabilitation begins.



Among the rampantly abused substances, alcohol tops the list. Yet, New Spirit has an experienced and strong staff to support evidence-based medical interventions for treatment of alcohol addicts from varied backgrounds. Be it a decade-long abuse or a recently developed habit, your treatment team at New Spirit will encourage you on the road to long-term sobriety and a rewarding life.


Drug addiction can range from prescription pill addiction, stimulants, depressants, tranquilizers, and the others. For every type of drug-abuse, New Spirit specializes in an individualized treatment. New Spirit assesses your history and type of abuse, degree of pain and designs individualized plans for your sobriety and recovery. New Spirit assures you that our multidisciplinary team and counselors will support you throughout your challenging journey towards detox and recovery.


New Spirit – Drug addiction treatment center California, is known for specialized, inclusive and individualized treatment interventions. Inpatient clients who enroll to our residential programs for an on-site detox will receive a drug/alcohol free environment, evidence-based treatment interventions, holistic therapies, planned self-care regimen, whole some nutrition and diet, relapse prevention counseling, 24/7 support and medical staff, education and supportive therapy and much more. Our credentialed-specialists and addiction counselors focus on an outcome-based design and formulate personalized treatments with maximum rewards. For long-term recovery and sobriety, New Spirit highly recommends our inpatient treatment.


The substance opioid has dramatically affected millions of individuals and their families. If you or your dear ones are suffering from this form of abuse, please consult our team at New Spirit and be rest assured of a holistic and personalized therapy to systematically detach your body of the harmful opioids. Our multidisciplinary team at New Spirit will skillfully approach your opioid abuse and chronic pain management and wean your body of the harmful substance.

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